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The Glow of Victory Awaits The ADATA XPG INFAREX K20 is the ultimate choice for gamers looking for that perfect keyboard Its stylish black casing is illuminated with rows of colored lights under the keys with 11 different types of lighting effects that can be toggled with just one key What’s more the INFAREX K20 isn’t just for show its outstanding performance is illustrated by its ergonomic design visceral feedback and outstanding durability-each key has a life cycle of up to 50 million key presses! Gamers looking for the ultimate keyboard for their pitched battles need look no further the INFAREX K20 is the ideal choice! Mechanical Blue Switches for Excellent Tactile FeedbackThe INFAREX K20 is built with mechanical blue switches which can withstand up to 50 million key presses and offer excellent tactile feedback to the user The 50g actuation force and ergonomic cap designs mean that users can clearly feel each press even in the heat of battle! Complete Anti-GhostingThe entire INFAREX K20 keyboard has anti-ghosting capabilities which means gamers do not need to worry about signal conflicts or missed key presses regardless of how many keys they hold down at once This means that every command will be transmitted in-game thus ensuring that nothing gets missed! Battle with 11 Different Lighting EffectsThe INFAREX K20 is equipped with 11 different lighting effects which can be toggled with a dedicated Mode key based on the user’s preferences Furthermore the speed of the lighting effects can be adjusted with two additional keys on either side of the Mode key which means users can customize their battlefield to their heart’s content Media KeysSometimes you want to make quick adjustments to the music sound or other effects in the middle of a battle The INFAREX K20 makes this easy and convenient with built-in media keys allowing users to make the necessary adjustments without having to open any other programs or apps Reinforced Braided Cable & Gilded USB ConnectorThe cables on the INFAREX K20 use a reinforced braided design which is extremely durable and knot-resistant The INFAREX K20 also is equipped with a gilded USB connector to guarantee that signals are sent and received without any issue even in the thick of the fight




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