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Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Black COUGAR 600M has been designed with the clear objective of offering gamers a mouse that can both provide state-of-the-art technology all the features necessary to enhance the gaming experience and an aesthetically pleasing design Its premium components (OMRON switches ADNS-9800 Sensor premium quality soft touch surface) guarantee a flawless performance during gameplay and its 32-bit ARM processor and 512KB on-board storage provide virtually instantaneous responses and the possibility without depending on any computer or external device of keeping up to 3 full configuration profiles stored on board Aesthetically this mouse is very stylish and has a unique feature in that the left mouse button is a floating key with a big LED backlight that can display up to 168 million colours   BRAIDED CABLE Sturdy and durable solutions for gaming  GAMING-GRADE SCROLL WHELL The ALPS encoder and the rubberized scroll wheel provide an extremely accurate tactile feedback   MULTI-COLOR PROFILE BACKLIT SYSTEM Choose 1 out of 168 million colors and set a unique color to each profile   OMRON MICRO SWITCHES 5 million clicks guaranteed   45 DEGREE SNIPER BUTTON (PROGRAMMABLE) Provides quick access to a more precise aiming mode during gameplay with a 45º angle design that prevents it from hindering the user’s accuracy while pressed   ON-THE-FLY DPI ADJUSTMENT Allows the user to quickly switch between different DPI settings on the go   SOFT TOUCH SURFACE Provide optimal control to lift-off style gamers during game play   32-BIT ARM PROCESSOR Superior computing speed   512KB ON-BOARD MEMORY Storage for up to 3 profiles on the mouse Allows the user to bring his full configuration to another PC without further configuration   8200 DPI HIGH PRECISION SENSOR The ADNS-9800 high performance laser sensor provides pinpoint cursor control   GOLDEN-PLATED USB PLUG Sturdy and durable solutions for gaming   8 PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS 8 fully configurable buttons functions macros shortcuts etc   1000HZ POLLING RATE 1MS RESPONSE TIME 125Hz – 1000Hz USB rate fine-tuning   4-STAGE DPI LED DISPLAY A LED indicator tells the user which DPI mode he is currently using   GAMING-GRADE MOUSE FEET The high quality mouse feet provide a smooth yet accurate experiencers   COUGAR UIX SYSTEM The ultimate gaming device management software  Its intuitive user interface and rich feature set will allow you to seamlessly configure your devices and get the most of them as well as synchronizing them and allowing the user to benefit from their synergies and enjoy a better gaming experience 




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