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M1 Perfected by NinjasThe story of the M1 is not a short one This mouse is the result of an uncompromising process to find the perfect grip and feel The unique shape the quality of the surface the button positioning – every angle of the M1 is designed tested and fine-tuned by members of the professional esports team Ninjas in Pyjamas Custom-Shaped by the PlayersThe M1 features a unique ergonomic mouse body designed from the bottom up by our pro players To achieve the exact right shape weve gone through a long process of designing and redesigning starting with the players making their own models out of clay Its not the fastest way to create a mouse But its a prerequisite if you want to find the perfect shape Enhanced Control Better Accuracy The ergonomic mouse body is thoroughly equipped to give you even more control of your swipes and flicks featuring low-friction teflon pads for effortless glide and our new rubberized surface for a steadier grip Hand sweat? Not a problem Gaming Sensor Known to Deliver Pixarts PMW 3310 optical sensor is not new to the game Thats why its chosen for the M1 The 3310 has long been put to the test by professional gamers and is selected by the NiP players for its consistent high performance At the highest level of competition reliability is crucial 5 Buttons 5 Sensor SettingsThe M1 is a 5-button mouse equipped with high-quality Omron switches for better click control two side buttons designed for faster actuation and a rubberized scroll wheel with distinct steps When you turn the mouse over youll also find a polling rate switch and a CPI-button for adjusting mouse sensitivity on the fly Are you playing on a soft cloth mousepad or a hard plastic surface? The M1 even lets you optimize the sensor for your type of mousepad No software no hassle Adjustable IlluminationThe black mouse body design is topped off by an Xtrfy yellow LED illumination Whether you prefer the lighting on or off bright or discrete the M1 sports a confident look with its sleek design